Thursday, February 21, 2013


I was on the max home today and I was reading from John Michael Greer's book Inside a Magical Lodge, and it made me think about the groups that I'm part of, the lodges that I belong to, the fraternal organizations, the church groups, etc., and about how those are all slowly dying. Somehow these organizations that attracted me in my search for wisdom and happiness, to develop myself and my character alongside like minded people, are not finding a strong foothold in the general population. I can't imagine why, it seems to me like the 21st Century is in search for all the things that can be gained from these older societies.

In today's world, the government has grown and gotten to the point where the general population is convinced that the role of the government is to solve the aches and pains of society. But there are some aches and pains that were once solved by societies, clubs, and fraternities, a concept well understood by any student of Victorian England. The question is then, whether or not these societies and groups provided a service to the general population. The increase of democracy and human capital in the late 1800s abd early 1900s would indicate that there's something there. But was it the social connections or something else?

I was baptized into the Mormon Church in 1995, at the age of 11 years old, having chosen to join at a young age. Years later, I would understand the deeper parts of the church doctrine and be converted deeper into the depths of Christianity and the mysteries of heaven therein. After serving a mission faithfully and fulfilling my priesthood several times, witnessing things that cannot be explained in any terms I know, I began searching for more understanding to the universe. How does God use will to make things happen? How does he utilize his perfection for the force of good?

On 6/11/2011, I was initiated into the mysteries of Phi Delta Theta, a collegiate fraternity that introduced me to serval individuals of differing backgrounds, and I began to realize what true brotherhood and companionship is all about. And I was introduced to the basic rites and rituals that exist in fraternal lodges. This led me down paths I had not known, making crooked ways seem more straight.

On 1/15/2013, after debating and contemplating the subject for years, I was initiated into Freemasonry as an Entered Apprentice, where I know still stand, working forward on my next degree. Freemasonry contains symbols and allegories that teach a system of morality, but hidden down inside the depths of practices is power and something else. Having been exposed to this, I began delving and found several books on the subject..

My intent with this blog is start documenting my paths of searching for the depths of the esoteric and the answer to the question, what are the bandages to human existence? How does God work in mysterious ways and what are those ways? How can a man become the greatest version of himself and not cross into a realm that he should not go? Hopefully, my blog can exist as a documentation of my thoughts and actions and be a guide for any other person seeking the truth.

I will grant the skeptics or the critics, I am a devoted Christian man, a Mason, a fraternity man, and a good man at that. But, I am wise enough to realize I know little and know even less than I think I do. Hopefully bias will not obstruct the discoveries I make.